Are you overwhelmed by the new technologies and potential therapies published about diabetes care? Have they been tested? Are they safe? In this month's FREE class, we'll take a look at the most current and useful findings in the evolving field of diabetes research.

What We’re Learning this Month:
- The basics of diabetes
- New strategies to live a heart healthy life
- New therapies and how they work

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Dr. Safia Latif graduated from Long Island University in 2014 with a doctorate in Pharmacy. She currently works as a clinical Pharamacist at Sheefa Pharmacy & Wellness Center in East Orange, NJ. Dr. Safia Latif is very loved and appreciated by her patients. She is also a highly respected youth leader at the NIA Masjid & Community Center. External Event Url
NIA Masjid & Community Center
229-231 Roseville Ave, Newark, NJ, United States