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Ummah Events is inspired by the problem faced by many Muslims trying to find an Islamic event in their area. With different organizations doing individual marketing for each event it is a challenge to get the word out to the right people and takes a lot of effort using different mailing list and going to Masjids to pass out flyers. As a Muslim if you miss the Jummah prayer at your local masjid you have no idea what is going on. Even if you go there is a chance the organizer just does not make it out to your masjid.

The solution is to create an app that simply gives you the upcoming Islamic events happening around you. A centralized source for all events which is free to use and free to add events to. With no registration required the user just starts the app and the app tells them what is happening around them this weekend, next week, month and so on. Also the app makes it easy for people to add organizations and events directly from the app.

Ummah Events is a revolutionary mobile application to benefit the Islamic Communities of the World. This app targets the global Muslim market comprising of over 1.5 Billion Muslims. The app will be specifically for Muslims and the goal is to build up a large user base that has the app so that we can help people discover events happening around them and also make it easier for event organizers to target their ideal market.

Ummah Events is being developed by Noble Education Foundation, the company that has brought you QuranExplorer, NikahExplorer, QuranInteractive,DuaExplorer, and a lot of other projects. We have been working closely with the Muslim population around the world for almost 8 years to focus on the issues faced by Muslims in their day to day lives and solve those issues by using user friendly technology. We have worked on websites, apps, widgets, chrome extensions just to name a few.

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