The NIA Masjid & Community Center is honored to welcome Shadeed Muhammad/Rawdah Admin this weekend for our monthly family night where he will talk about Developing Leaders: A Glimpse of The Prophet (pbuh) with the Youth in His Community.

In addition to being our guest speaker for our Family Night Lecture Series, Imam Shadeed will deliver the khutbah on Friday December 25 and lead a workshop on Youth Matters on the morning of Saturday December 26.

Note: This is a special Family Night that has been moved forward by one week. Starting February, join us on the first Saturday of each month as we enjoy a meal together, listen to a short educational lecture, and socialize with one another.


Imam Shadeed Muhammad completed his diploma in Arabic and graduated from the school of Hadith in Madinah. Imam Shadeed has been known to tackle social issues affecting Muslims in urban societies, especially marriage. Imam Shadeed has also translated many classical Arabic works into the English Language including The Role of the Woman in Rectifying her Community by Muhammad Ibn Salih Al Uthaymeen, The Six Fundamental Principles” by Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab, and The Virtues, Conditions and Obligations of Salat by Salih Al Fawzan. Imam Shadeed has published many books including the Rudiments of Wudhu, the struggle against silence, and the audacity of Ignorance. Imam Shadeed is the director of, an excellent resource for obtaining Islamic Knowledge. External Event Url
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