Our girls... they grow up so fast...

From birth to teenagers to young adults into adults.... you get the picture. :)

Where does the time go, we ask ourselves.

Meanwhile, we want to provide all the resources we can, to ensure they develop into wonderful young ladies, Insha'Allah.

We are aware that this topic is addressed in school, but it's usually in a class with boys and girls (if you're going to public school). This will give the girls a chance to ask questions they would otherwise be shy to ask in school. So, please encourage them to ask questions.

So with that in mind, GCLEA will be hosting Nurse Keisha Muhammad and she will be educating our girls on 'Girls' Development", followed by the Imam's wife, Evana Cooper-Starling, who will be closing it with the Islamic Perspective.

This event is open to all girls from age 9 years and older.

Please e-mail Shanaz Persaud at girlsyouthcommittee@gclea.org should you have any question(s).

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