The best experience of your summer is on its way! Join YM Chicago and ICN Youth as we embark on a journey to understand how to handle the pressures of influences in society while we spend our time in a forest...

How should you influence others?
Allah says in Surah 'Asr, "By the time that is running out, Indeed man is at loss, except those who believe and do good deeds, and INVITE each other to truth and INVITE each other to patience." Allah has told you the type of influence that you should be on others, now it's your turn to follow through

How should you handle the way that others influence you?
Just because of what they heard or what they think they know about you and your religion, whether it's in your local gym, on Twitter and Facebook, in school, with your friends, teachers, and even just out and about...well we can't give you all the answers just yet :)

Swimming, boating, basketball, volleyball, soccer, hiking, and MORE!!

14-25 (Brothers only)

Ustadh Tariq Musleh, Ustadh Faizan Mumtaz, Shaykh Rizwan Ali

$160/per person

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Army Lake Camp, The Salvation Army
N8725 Army Lake Rd, East Troy, WI, United States