Assalamu Alaykum,

It is that time of year, and the YMA Senior Muslim Youth camp is back again! insha Allah this year we're going to be hosting one of our biggest and best camps yet.

If you're looking for a way to connect back to your Lord, get away from the world, meet new people and learn more about your Messenger, then this camp is for you.

An eight day Deen intensive, packed with Muhabbah, bonding sessions, activities and more!

Time: 1 -8 January 2014

Location : Camp Jungai Rubicon

Price: $445.00 (this fee covers everything from Accommodation, Transport, Food, Activities, Education Program and more)

For : Ages 16+ Muslim brothers and sisters

This camp we are expecting 120 participants including staff. At this moment, we have already 30 enthusiastic participants not including staff subhanAllah. Don't wait till last minute. Book the dates on your calendar and don't miss out a life changing experience with the YMA Team.

P.S: you may have noticed that the camp fee has increased considerably since last camp. This is due to a rise in camp fees generally. Also, YMA seeks to offer the lowest price possible and are constantly seeking financial assistance to run Community programs that we all can benefit from. If you would like to financially contribute to help your community in the way of Allah (or know someone who would) please contact the number below.

Br Rizwan: 0420983646 External Event Url