NicheHero Leadership Certification
July 4 - 9 2011
10 AM to 7PM

The NicheHero Leadership Certification is a six day intensive seminar lead by the entrepreneur, Muhammad Alshareef. Alshareef is the founder of both AlMaghrib Institute and DiscoverU.

DiscoverU is a personal development company that focuses on empowering clients to achieving their life goals and dreams. We at DiscoverU invite you to join us at NicheHero 3.0.

At the certification, shaykh Muhammad will focus on generating effective leaders who are able to transform ideas into successful projects and build outstanding organizations/businesses. Carrying a wealth of education and experience, he will empower you with the skills, resources and techniques that he has learned over 10 years in building AlMaghrib and DiscoverU.

Call the DiscoverU staff to register NOW!
732-645-2703 - North America
44 207 096 0492 - UK

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