How can we renew our vows of faith to our Beloved?
Every Ramadan we make resolution after resolution to devote ourselves better to our deen, but often find that after the spiritual high of Ramadan fades, so does our resolve. This webinar is here to remind us it is never too late to increase our worship of our Lord. Please join us for an inspirational talk with Sr. Rabia Khedr on the power of worship during Ramadan, and even after this holy month leaves us, how to hold strong to a handhold that never breaks.

The Being ME teams from Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary are pleased to bring this webinar to the comfort of your own home! Sr. Rabia Khedr will be one of the world renown speakers at this year's Being ME Conference in Vancouver on September 27th! The Being ME Conference will also be taking place in Calgary and Toronto in sha Allah.

Date: July 19, 2014
Vancouver: 12pm PST
Calgary: 1pm MTZ
Toronto: 3pm EST

REGISTER HERE: External Event Url
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