Mercy Mission Malaysia's 3rd annual sisters-only conference dedicated to aspiring female leaders around the globe.

Vision: We strive to provide a platform where women, from different walks of life and aspirations, are given opportunities to learn, teach, share, inspire and empower themselves and others by identifying and exploring the true roles of a Muslimah to benefit humanity and ultimately pleasing their Lord.

Mission: We aspire to achieve this through facilitating venues such as informational expos/conferences, social and career networking events, and educational programs structured to enrich the lives of women spiritually and physically hence enhancing their relationships with their Lord, loved ones, and communities at large.

Values: We promote:
➢ Guidance through Knowledge
➢ Empowerment through Leadership
➢ Change through Awareness
➢ Acceptance through Compassion
General Information
Women are the essence of every ummah. Islam emphasizes a great deal on women and the perception of Muslim women as being oppressed and insignificant is now diluted in developed Muslim nations such as Malaysia, where women contribute tremendously to the economy, society and in development of family.

Being ME – Muslimah Empowered embarks upon this mission to give Muslimahs an outlet to express the reality of their lifestyles, share accomplishments that benefit humanity and inspire others to do the same. This annual conference in Malaysia allows the opportunity to address the daily challenges facing the Muslim Woman today.

At Being ME, we aspire to provide growth as a community and individually, to celebrate successes, showcase achievements and to enlighten, encourage and empower every Muslimah.


Being ME is an expansion of the Mercy Mission Malaysia portfolio of serving the needs of the Muslim Community. External Event Url
Putrajaya International Convention Centre
Dataran Gemilang, Precint 5, Putrajaya, , Malaysia