When: December 20th 2014
Where: Calgary Telus Convention Center
Time: 9am
Cost: Regular - $35
At the door - $50

Message us for tickets or purchase online at yyc.being-me.org

An annual conference dedicated to aspiring female leaders around the globe. This year the much anticipated Being ME conference will launch in Calgary, AB on December 20th.

The role of the Being ME conference is to provide:

A platform set to highlight the successes and achievements of Muslim women from
around the globe that have benefited and continue to benefit humanity at large

-A place to share, explore and inspire many towards activism that would lead to positive change.

- A place that provides a sense of belonging and acceptance of ideas and aspirations that lead to enhancing the lives of all those around us.

-A place to showcase how the Mercy Mission organization is pursuing the vision of the Final Messenger Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). External Event Url
Calgary TELUS Convention Centre
120 9 Avenue Southeast, Calgary, AB, Canada