Possessions, black magic, evil eye, jinn...you've probably heard a frightening story or two about them before. But how much do you ACTUALLY know about them?

What if I told you that if you knew more about the Jinn, you probably wouldn't be so afraid of them? In fact, they'll probably be afraid of YOU!

Many have myths about the world of the Jinn, magnifying them into powerful horrific beasts that should be feared. But how powerful are they really? And what's their world like?

Join us for a free evening community event with Shaykh Riad Ouarzazi, where we'll shed light into the world of the unseen, from the Quran and Sunnah, showing us what they're really like. Arm yourself with the knowledge to protect yourself from Jinn and witchcraft alike, and to not fear them at all!

Some of the topics we'll cover:
-The world of the Jinn (creation, dwellings, physical form, abilities, etc)
-Reasons behind posession and witchcraft
-Precursors to posession and witchcraft
-How to test for witchcraft
-Kinds of witchcraft
-Cures from witchcraft
-How to protect one's self
-Protection and cure from the evil eye

See you on Friday July 29th inshaAllah! Location: Toldo Health Education Building, Room 100.

Hosted by Qabeelah Ittihaad - Windsor and sponsored by the Windsor Islamic Association.

A part of Windsor's first ever #DeenWeek. More info: bit.do/deenweek2016 External Event Url
Toldo Health Education Building
401 Sunset Avenue, Windsor, ON, Canada