Join us on Sunday, July 24 with Imam Suleiman Hani, as we take a trip to explore the experience of both Jannah and Jahannam in The Hereafter:

This full-day seminar will provide an in-depth description of the two eternal homes, Paradise and Hellfire. It will not only cover the vivid descriptions from the Quran and authentic hadeeth, but will also focus on applicable actions and life-changing habits to help us in our daily lives long after the seminar is over. Oftentimes, a lecture or a conference will boost our Imaan and motivate us on our path to Jannah; this seminar will provide much-needed spiritual energy and realistic take-home techniques to reestablish and magnify our connection with Allah (SWT).

Expect to cover the following topics:
The detailed descriptions of Paradise and Hellfire
The spiritually-uplifting rewards and delights of Paradise
The explicit and consequential punishments of the Hellfire
The inhabitants of both Paradise and Hellfire
The actions that lead mankind to both abodes
Entering Paradise without accountability
How to get through our struggles in order to enter Paradise
Action-items that will build our faith on a daily basis
Issues relating to belief in the Hereafter
…and much more!

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Toldo Health Education Building, room 102
Anthony P. Toldo Health Education Centre, #102, Windsor, ON N9B, Canada