MIT Muslim Chaplaincy presents a series to address doubts, questions and misinformation!

This lecture series will address concepts that have been promoted by some media sources to paint Islam with a brush of violence, irrelevance, and backwardness. Many students who were raised as Muslims within their families' cultural background have never had a chance to understand these concepts and look for meaning in them. This series is a chance for Muslim students to clarify these issues and ask questions. Topics will include: Sharia, Jihad, Women in Islam, Sexuality, the Character of the Prophet, and Slavery.
In the first session we will host speaker Ahmed Rashed, author of the books "What Would a Muslim Say?", "The Qur'an Discussions", and "Top 15 Tough Questions on Islam". There will be a Q & A following the lecture.
Dinner will be served! Please join us!
Other lectures to follow later in the semester, dates TBD. External Event Url
3-133, MIT
133 MA-3, Cambridge, MA 02142, USA