Please join us along with hundreds of Howard County residents in support of CB9-2017 bill. This bill would make it illegal for police officers or other government officials to demand anyone's immigration status.

Without this bill, police could profile people by race, ethnicity or religion.

Police could stop people for a broken taillight and ask for a proof of immigration status. If you don’t have a document with you to proof that you are legal in the US, police could detain you until your status can be proven. This violates the rights of ethnic and racial minorities and we need to prevent it.

We need at least 100 Muslims to attend this meeting on:

Sunday, January 29, 4:30pm-6:00pm

The Wilde Lake Interfaith Center

10431 Twin Rivers Rd, Columbia, MD 21044

Send an email to Howard County Council to let them know that you support CB9-2017.


If you have any questions, contact Ahmed Elmi at External Event Url
Wilde Lake Interfaith Religious Center
10431 Twin Rivers Rd, Columbia, MD, United States