Islamic Society of Central Jersey Presents the The Syrian Children's Buddy Program.

The idea stemmed from observing the influx of Syrian refugee families that have come to NJ. Their basic needs (food, clothing, shelter, ESL programs) are provided for by multiple organizations (the US government, local masjids, IRC, etc.). Alhamdulliah.

However, what we also observed was that these families have come from a COMPLETELY different culture. Some of these kids have not been to school in years. They do not speak English. They aren’t familiar with the school system, and neither are their parents. They need guidance.

So, that’s where we come in. This “Buddy Program" aims to bridge this gap. We are looking for Arabic speaking children to be mentors to the incoming Syrian children.

Mentors will talk to the Syrian children, provide homework help, listen to them vent, provide solutions, help them navigate the school system, complete paperwork with them, be available to them outside this program if they have questions and/or situations they cannot handle or know how to deal with, etc. In essence, mentors will teach them basic life skills befitting life in the USA. In term, mentors can learn from them as they can teach our kids many, many, life lessons, such as humility, gratitude, perseverance, etc. It’s a win-win situation. Mentors will also be supervised by parents to ensure the best help is provided.

To become a mentor, please use the link below and someone will get in touch with you. Mentors must be between the ages of 13 to 20. We are also looking for parents to volunteer to help supervise this event and the mentors and to be able to jump in when needed. Please also complete this form if you are a parent who wishes to supervise.

Sunday, December 18th at 2:00pm

This is not a public event. It is only for approved mentors and supervisors.

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Program Coordinator:
Shanaz Hoossain - Persaud
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