Our Safety and Secuirty Month continues with "Girls/Ladies' Self Defense Class"!

Please join us as we bring to you a FREE Self Defense Class for girls (15+) and Ladies at the Islamic Society of Central Jersey.


These classes will be held in the Multi-Purpose Room, with privacy set up for the ladies/girls.

Learn proven techniques and bolster your confidence in self defense situations. Identify your physical and psychological limitations and learn to overcome them.

You’ll learn:
-Strikes & Blocks,
-Holds and escapes,
-Joint locks,
-Standing defenses,
-Ground Defenses,
-Body movement,
-Self confidence.

All classes will be taught by a certified instructor, Sis. Nermine Rashwan. She has a B.A in Physical Education. A Taekwondo world Champion, Taekwondo Chief Master (Black Belt 3)

Please feel free to share and bring your family & friends.


Program Coordinator - Shanaz Hoossain - Persaud
Have an idea and/or a speaker suggestions, please contact me at shanaz.persaud@iscj.org and I'd be happy to work with you.

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