As Salaamu Alaikum,

Please join us along with Philly Street Dawah and Imam Niaz M. Hanan (Imam of The Islamic Society of South Jersey) for a one day interactive free Dawah 101 Workshop, on "How to Inform Others about Islam with Accuracy and Confidence".

A few things which will be covered:
A. Intro - motivations, rewards, and importance; what is da’wah?
B. Yourself and your personal characteristics
C. Your interactions w/ people
D. The da’wah pyramid
E. Points of discussion for different people

Philly Street Dawah Youth Presenters will include:
Yaseen Elkasabi, Mohamed Sadek & Rizwana Afzali

Bring everyone you know. This program was scheduled as a need for us, as Muslims to give Dawah through our every action due to the current political climate and also to get us motivated, to not necessarily going out on the streets to do Dawah (because as Muslims all our actions/words on a daily basis IS Dawah)...but to help us, especially our youth, to be better prepared to answer questions about our faith in an intelligent/educated manner, where anyone will be able to understand, especially our non-Muslims friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc.

Program Coordinator - Shanaz Hoossain-Persaud
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Islamic Society of Central Jersey (Official)
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