As Salaamu Alikum,

Please join us for one of the remarkable and blessed nights of Ramadan...the 27th Night.

Program Outline (Subject to Change)
Please note, All times are approximate
Wed June 21
8:20pm: Opening Remarks - Imam Hamad Chebli
8:32pm: Call for Maghrib prayer and Iftar
9:45pm: Opening Remarks - Imam Hamad Chebli
10:11pm: Call for Isha Prayer
10:25pm: Welcome Address
10:30pm: Taraweeh prayer, led by Shaykh Ismael
10:55pm: Guest Speaker - Dr Ahmed Mohamed
11:15pm: EFG Presentation
11:25pm: Fund Raising - Imam Hamad Chebli
11:55pm: Completion of Taraweeh and Du'aa Khatm al-Qur'an by Shaykh Ismael
Ramadan 27, 1438 A.H./June 22, 2017
1:00am: Rest period
1:20am: Tasbeeh prayer by Imam Hamad Chebli
1:50am: Tahajjud prayer (Qiyam al Layl)
2:50am: Suhoor
3:50am: Adhan for Fajr

We have TWO additional parking areas available!
#1 is at the back of ISCJ - Use the entrance to NUI to get there!
#2 is alongside Promenade Blvd - Follow the signs to get there!
Please do NOT park where the xs are in the diagram below!

Follow ALL traffic rules. Obey the directions of police cars, security guards and volunteers at all times. Police cars and security guards are for your protection and we need your full co-operation to ensure your safety. ISCJ is not responsible for any tickets that result from traffic violations.

We recommend arriving by 9:30pm! The main masjid entrance of Route 1 will be closed. We will leave the NUI school road open initially to direct cars to the new Temporary Parking area by the Fountains; we will then close it once the lot is completely full. Cars coming in from Promenade will be directed to the school field parking. Note that if parking is filled to capacity, drop-offs are allowed, and however, you MUST drive all the way around to the front of the masjid (facing Route 1) before you drop off passengers.

In addition, we have secured additional parking space at a private property on Promenade Blvd going West towards Rt 27. It is only 5-7 minute walk to and from ISCJ. On Promenade Blvd (pass ISCJ on your right traveling towards Route 27) there will be additional overflow parking. Please look out for signs and staff. We are asking everyone to utilize that dedicated parking area as well.

Food & Drink:
No food or drinks allowed within the Masjid prayer area except water. Food or drinks are restricted to the tent.

Zakat ul Fitr
Please note that Zakat ul Fitr is a minimum of $10.00 per person. You are encouraged to pay more. It must be paid before Eid prayer.

Free Babysitting:
Babysitting in Modular 1 will be provided until
Completion of Taraweeh and Du'aa Khatm al-Qur'an by Shaykh Ismael.

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Islamic Society of Central Jersey (Official)
4145 US-1, Monmouth Junction, NJ, United States