Just to clarify, Thursday, October 15th is JUST the DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS, and not the actual start date of the clinic. Also, please see bellow attachment for job descriptions of the clinic.

Initiation of ICF Health Clinic | Volunteers are Needed!

Dear Brothers and Sisters - Assalam O Alaikum

It gives me great pleasure in informing the community that ICF will soon launch an all volunteer health clinic InshaAllah. The preparations are currently under way and I am reaching out to the community for their support and help. Before this program is officially launched, a team of volunteers is essential. I am reaching out to the community to come forward and help us form a team of volunteers. The help is needed in three different areas and below are the names of individuals who have committed to lead these efforts.

1. Dr. Nauman Anwar - he will lead in forming a team of medical doctors and licensed practitioners.
2. Sr. Shehla Khan - she will help us form a team of nursing and counselling volunteers.
3. Br. Rizwan Sheikh - he will provide assistance in creating and managing the administrative volunteers.

All interested volunteers will be required to submit their resume's to healthclinic@friscomasjid.org. We will need at least 5 - 6 volunteers for each category for rotation purposes. Initially, the clinic will be held on Sundays from after Zuhr to about 4:30 pm.

The resume's will be screened and only suitable candidates will be contacted for interview.

Who is qualified to apply?
- Dr. Nauman Anwar will talk to the doctors and licensed practitioners in our community and will form a team on his own.
- Any residents that are currently associated with doctors offices and/or have nursing experience are highly encouraged to come forward and apply. We will not only take advantage of their expertise in this field but will also be able to get their help to train less qualified candidates.
- College going students that are interested in pursuing medical profession (this will be a good internship opportunity for them as well).
- Any residents that are willing to help the community and are qualified to help us with the administrative tasks.

Please note the following important points:
- Experience is not necessary as Dr. Nauman Anwar and sister Shehla Khan (a qualified nurse by profession) will provide the necessary training.
- Br. Rizwan Sheikh will assist in providing support and necessary training to the administrative staff.
- Each candidate that is selected, will need to go through background check and drug screening (this is required by law due to privacy reasons).

Please send your resume's to healthclinic@friscomasjid.org by no later than October 15. Someone from the team will contact the selected candidates for interview. Attached are the job descriptions that have been prepared by Dr. Nauman Anwar.

May Allah accept the efforts of Dr. Nauman Anwar in forming this initial team and having the intentions of moving this forward for our community. May Allah also accept the willingness of Sister Shehla Khan (and her husband Br. Abudllah Ali) and Brother Rizwan Sheikh for providing their unconditional volunteer support for this health clinic.

May Allah make it a source of comfort for our community.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan
Abdul Hadi Khan
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