Join the Islamic Community Center of Lancaster for the #PropheticSeries - our new biweekly class. This is our 1st session! The Seerah is not just a story about the life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), but how his life transformed the lives of those around him. Join the bi-weekly gathering where we’ll cover the book Revelation The Story of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) authored by Dr. Meraj Mohiuddin together in an interactive community-based learning environment. Experience the transformational power of the Prophet's life in a way that is just as direct, personal, and relevant to us today as it was to the Companions over a millennium ago. We'll be meeting every 1st & 3rd Wednesday until we finish the book, insha-Allah! Missed a class? Just starting? Don't worry. Although we will build on each lesson, we'll be sharing where we are in the book so you can catch up on your reading and come ready to discuss! Wed. 10.4 @ 275 Hess Blvd Lancaster - Facilitated by Br. Mukaram Syed External Event Url
Islamic Community Center of Lancaster
275 Hess Blvd, Lancaster, PA, United States