A Prayer for Syria

"I answer the prayer of the caller when he calls upon Me" [2:186]

Brothers and Sisters are invited to attend:

A Special Prayer for Aleppo

Venue: Golden Mosque Rochdale, after Isha Salah at 7pm Friday

This Friday evening we will gather for a collective recital of the prayer of our Prophet Yunus ﷺ, also known as "Ayat e Kareema" as a means of salvation and ease of the suffering around the world, in particular Aleppo and Yemen.

Let us gather together as a community and raise our voices and hands in a mass prayer for those suffering and in pain.

Our noble master ﷺ has said:
"Allah maintains help of the one who is in the help of his brother." External Event Url
Golden Mosque & Islamic Cultural Centre
Lower Sheriff Street, Rochdale, UK, Rochdale, , United Kingdom