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one God, Many Names
Shaykh 'Umar Faruq 'Abd-Allah

Balancing Arabization:
Shaykh John Ederer

Are you concerned about how Islam is misunderstood?

Would you like to learn about the single most important message we are FAILING to communicate to the wider public?

The ISB e-Circle this coming Tuesday will cover a crucial topic which impacts directly on how we understand the Creator and convey His essence to people. Part spiritual, part contemporary, a presentation of a thought-provoking paper by Shaykh Umar Faruq Abd-Allah called One God, Many Names - which will transform your understanding - offering lots of new knowledge and insights that you would not pick up from conventional talks or articles...

This highly interactive presentation will also touch upon some NLP communication concepts as well as valuable perspectives from a paper by Shaykh John Ederer on balancing Arabisation in Islam.

Biography of Speaker
Dr Rizwan Syed has been studying and teaching Islam in a variety of settings since his early twenties. He has studied Usul al Fiqh with Dr Munir Ahmed. He has been involved in the development of a number of Islamic syllabuses used by ISB and Young Muslims and has been course organiser for numerous one day courses as well as the summer KnowledgeSeekers residential courses since 2007, notable among which was a ten-day Islam: Classical to Contemporary course.

Rizwan has served in ISB and Young Muslims for over twenty years. Past responsibilities have included national tarbiyah in-charge as well as president of the Birmingham ISB branch.

Rizwan is married with four children and is a GP serving a largely non-Muslim population on the edges of Birmingham. He is particularly interested in communicating Islamic teachings and Islam's relationship with mainstream society.

In recent months Rizwan has concentrated his focus on establishing the Birmingham 'ISB Campus' - a welcoming, non-judgemental space where young Muslims, mainly graduates in their 20s, can meet, make friends, and culivate a critical consciousness - through discussion, sharing ideas, strengthening their faith and interactive seminars that explore Islam's relevance to our contemporary context. External Event Url