The Humanitarian Forum has partnered with a number of organisations to set up the World Humanitarian Action Forum 2017 (WHAF)

Its first event will be taking place on the *28th of November 2017* at the QE2 Centre in London.

This year, the WHAF will focus on three key themes that will be led by a number of distinguished organizations including the The Humanitarian Forum, Islamic Relief, Network for Empowered Aid Response, Humanitarian Leadership Academy, The Oversees Development Institute, Humanitarian Policy Group, The LSE, Christian Aid, Human Appeal, Al-Khair Foundation, Sheikh Abdallah Al-Nouri Society, RAHMA International.

Attendees will be able to attend one of the roundtables on:

1. De-risking and financial access: The impact on humanitarian organisations
2. Localisation agenda: Improved coordination and sustainable investment
3. Conflicts and Crises: Forced migration, coordinated response and protection

The 2017 WHAF is a free event. If you would like to attend, please register HERE before November 10th 2017!


We hope that WHAF will serve as a platform to develop strategies for informing policy on key issues affecting humanitarian organisations and to develop joint initiatives and campaigns for collaborative working at local, national and international levels. Such discussions could contribute to improving the way in which life-saving humanitarian assistance is provided to millions of people in conflict zones and humanitarian emergencies across the world.

To get involved or if you have any questions please visit our website here: or follow our twitter page @thfonline External Event Url
Queen Elizabeth II Centre
, City of Westminster, , United Kingdom