Welcome to the Snowdon trek with a twist!

Many have conquered Snowdon, the highest peak in England and Wales, but how about taking this challenge at night?

Trekking through the dark with only your head torch to guide you, aiming to reach the summit in time to watch the sun rise and illuminate the lush green valleys and emerald lakes, is a different spectacle and challenge altogether!

Who says you need to go abroad to see breath-taking views?

At 1,085m, this is the perfect challenge for moderately fit first-timers to do with family, friends or alone – so what are you waiting for?

Date: Saturday 26th August - 27th August

Registration Fee: £30
Minimum Sponsorship: £150

Cause: Water 4 Life

Departures from:
(Departure and arrival times vary for each region)

For further information, please contact: challenges@islamic-relief.org.uk

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Mt Snowdon - Llanberis Path
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