Alhamdulillah we’re on the road to Ramadan!

Islamic Relief Canada is honoured to welcome the month of Ramadan with beloved chaplain and community leader, Imam Khalid Latif.

Join us and nourish your soul as we host a series of inspiring and intimate lectures at your local masjid.

May 21 @ Islamic Institute of Toronto (IIT) – 6:00pm: Spirituality and Social Justice

May 22 @ Islamic Foundation of Toronto (IFT) – 11:30am: Faith & Mental Health

May 23 @ Pickering Islamic Centre – 7:00pm: Resiliency in the age of Islamophobia

May 24 @ Islamic Centre of Cambridge – 7:00pm: Preparing for Ramadan

May 25 @ Muslim Chaplaincy at University of Toronto – 2:30pm: Strength in faith, strength in community

May 25 @ Jame Masjid Mississauga (Coopers) – 7:00pm: Preparing for Ramadan

May 26 @ TBA External Event Url
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