This gathering is for young women who are seeking marriage, engaged, thinking about proposals, or already recently married. Many young women today do not get practical marriage advice on how to deal with marital challenges. Unfortunately, these young women go into marriage having ideas of fairy tales, much romance, or that just a little bit of pressure is to be expected....only to be completely surprised, unable to cope, or quick in having thoughts of divorce.

The problem is people do not give young women the real, nitty-gritty truth or advice many times because it can be a very touchy subject or they get advice from family where there is often a culture and generational gap that makes advice less practical or useful.

However, we wanted to create a forum where more experienced women with marital counseling experience can share their personal wisdoms, marriage stories, solutions, tips, and answer all questions relating to new marriages. This is good just for general knowledge and storing for a later date and also for those who are currently married and face daily challenges whether it be communication, culture, or unmet expectations.

Nobody is perfect, but we want to help women learn the best tactics to cope with imperfections and have a beautifully successful family of their own.

This event will be different from advice from parents which sometimes does not translate well in light of today's trends and the cultural and age gap between young women raised in Canada and their parents raised back home.

If you are in a cross-cultural marriage, or your spouse is also from back-home this event is particularly useful. Please join us and our marital experts.

Parents/Moms/Auntys- we kindly request you do not attend with your girl- this event is for the young women only. We want to encourage open, honest and judgement-free, discussion.

Contact/More Info: 905-997-1827
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