Islamic Learning Foundation and Young Muslims presents
The Noble Traits of the Greatest Humans to Ever Live

Have you ever wondered who the Prophets and Messengers of Allah (swt) really were? Who were these Giants of the Past? What made them so Great that they were Inspired by Allah (swt) Himself?

Come and Learn about those who have been honored by being mentioned BY NAME in the Book of Allah (swt).

"And We gave them of Our mercy, and we made for them a reputation of high honor." 19:50

- Ibrahim
- Ishaaq
- Ya'qub
- Musa
- Haroon
- Ismail
- Idrees

* Their Qualities
* Their Spiritual Training
* The Methodology of their Dawah
* Their Response to Adversity
* As mentioned in Surah Maryam verses 41-96

Join us as we ponder over the Quran for an entire, ILM-PACKED day!

Why Islam Center
1320 Hamilton St.
Somerset, NJ 08873

Saturday April 30, 2011

Sheikh Omar Suleiman

Only $10

Babysitting will be provided.

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Instructor Bio:
Sheikh Omar Suleiman is the current Imam of Masjid Abu Bakr As-Siddique in New Orleans, LA and a sitting member of the ICNA Shariah Council. Born and raised in the United States, he embarked on his journey to study traditional Islamic sciences in 2000 in the United Arab Emirates primarily under the instruction of Sheikh Tariq Ibn Rajah and other scholars from Umm Al Qura such as Sheikh Amr Al Shishany and Sheikh Saleem Ziad for 3 years. He has also greatly benefitted from the wisdom and teachings of Dr Salah As-Sawy, Dr Hatem Al Haj, and his wifes father, Sheikh Husam Mubarak. He is also currently an Instructor for Shariah Academy. External Event Url