The time of the year has arrived when the schools are reopening and school season shopping is underway. However, for many families right here in Houston, their economical circumstances prevent them from properly equipping their children for the beginning of the school year.

We are proud to present the 4th Annual Back to School Giveaway, in which we will be distributing backpacks filled with school supplies to kids living in economically disadvantaged areas, who otherwise wouldn't have the means to start school off with basic educational necessities, Insha'Allah.

We are counting on YOUR support and participation in facilitating a rewarding experience to many children in underserved areas as they begin school. We have set a goal of distributing over 1,500 backpacks this year and although a tall task, the need in the community is great and with your help, we are confident we can reach this goal, insha'Allah. Not to mention, this will serve as an excellent da’wah opportunity to showcase the generosity that is embedded in the teachings of Islam!

Please join us in this Back2School initiative in empowering children and their families by promoting the importance of education in our community.

Ways you can be involved in this project:
· SPONSOR a backpack: $10 per backpack including supplies
· DONATE backpacks and school supplies at our designated drop off locations
· VOLUNTEER your time in assembling backpacks and in distribution at various locations in underserved areas.

For more information on our nationwide project, please visit There, you can find donation information if you would like to contribute online.

Personal donations of backpacks/supplies, as well as monetary contributions, will be collected at the following locations:

• ICNA Relief Food Pantry - 5645 Hillcroft Ave #405 Houston, TX 77036 on Tuesday thru Friday from 4:00-6:30pm and Saturday from 12:00-2:00pm.

• Islamic Outreach Center - 19130 Wilks Dr, Cypress, TX 77433 during prayer timings.

• ICNA Relief Women’s Shelter Home - 4021 Baden St Houston, TX 77009 (please call Sr. Seemi Bukhari at 832-382-1669 before arriving).

• Masjid Tawhid - 5514 Hirsch Rd, Houston, TX 77026

--- ICNA Relief Food Pantry (5645 Hillcroft Ave #405 Houston, TX 77036)
- August 7 from 6pm - 8pm
--- Madrasah Islamiah (6665 Bintliff Dr Houston, TX 77074)
- August 8 from 7pm - Maghrib
--- Burmese location gathering (meetup at food pantry then head there)
- August 9 from 6:30pm - Maghrib
--- Somali refugee gathering (meetup at food pantry then head there)
- August 11 from 7pm - Maghrib
--- EFS Group (3302 Avenue H Suite 112 Rosenberg, TX 77471)
- August 15 from 9am - 11am
--- Masjid Tawhid (5514 Hirsch Rd, Houston, TX 77026)
- August 16 from 10am - 3pm

More information regarding confirmed dates and location for assembly and distribution, as well as volunteer signups, will be posted shortly, insha'Allah.

JazakAllah khair for your involvement! May Allah (SWT) reward all those who partake in this initiative, may He (SWT) enable this project to be successful, and may he (SWT) allow the youth to prosper in their educational goals. External Event Url
ICNA Houston
4021 Baden St , Houston, TX, United States