The ICNA Houston Tarbiyah Department has finalzed the dates and locations for 2 Qiyam-ul-Layl programs this Ramadan:

Friday night (June 17) to Saturday morning (June 18)
> Southeast Houston and surrounding communities: Quba Islamic Institute (730 Fm 1959 Rd, Houston, TX 77034)
*Brothers Qiyam

Saturday night (June 25) to Sunday morning (June 26)
> Northwest Houston/Cypress and surrounding communities: Islamic Outreach Center (19130 Wilks Dr, Cypress, TX 77433)
*Family Qiyam

Both programs will commence at 12:15am and conclude with Fajr prayer.

The outline for both programs will be identical and is as follows:
- Lecture on the Importance and Significance of Qiyam-ul-Layl
- Study Circle Discussion on Surah Hadeed (please familiarize yourself with the surah beforehand)
- Individual 'Ibadat/worship
- Tahajjud Prayer
- Suhoor (will be provided, insha'Allah)
- Fajr Prayer

Please plan to attend at least one of these programs, preferably at the location closest to your residence.

We hope to see you at one of our programs for a night of knowledge, worship, and brotherhood, insha'Allah. External Event Url
Quba Islamic Institute
730 FM 1959 Rd, Houston, TX, United States