Calling All NY'ers! Join us in our 2015 Back to School Giveaway campaign, as we go into various low-income neighborhoods in the NYC Metro and give out FREE school bags filled with supplies to families & children.
Education is power, and helping others is a vital act of our Faith!
Brought to you by ICNA Relief
Special thanks to local partners, including:
MAS Staten Island Center, Long Island Muslim Society of East Meadow, ICNA Nassau Community Center, Young Muslims, and more!

When? Throughout August & September
Where? Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester...

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Updated List of Back to School Events:

8/19, 2-5pm - Matamoras
8/23, 8-3pm - Bronx
8/29, 11-1pm - Berry Homes (SI)
8/29, 11-1pm - ICNA Brooklyn Community Center
8/30, 11-1pm - Masjid At Taqwa
9/6, 11-1pm - Islamic Center Of New-Rochelle

Don't forget to INVITE your FRIENDS!
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