Undoubtedly the Prophet (s)'s life consisted of events that had universal implications. The Prophet (s) faced adversity that would have made mountains crumble. None could bear the responsibility of carrying the weight of the Quran except him. It is with that station that Allah made the heart of the Prophet a medium for divine guidance. And it is true such guidance the Prophet traversed the greatest of hardships. Humanity was given a direct connection, through his example in sincere calling. These prophetic prayers were to be the light that guides humanity out of any darkness.
Though our struggles and experiences cannot even come close to what the Prophet (s) faced, there is much that we can learn and benefit from when it comes to seeking patience and guidance through prayer.

Friday, July 29, 2016 | 7PM - 10:00PM
Instructor: Shaikh Hasib Noor
Venue: Salahaddin Center of Nashville - 364 Elysian Fields Ct Nashville, TN 37211
Tuition: $20 USD
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364 Elysian Fields Ct, Nashville, TN 37211-3748, United States
364 Elysian Fields Ct, Nashville, TN 37211, USA