Ramadan, Share the Blessings

The precious days of Ramadan are upon us, and with them the blessings of giving Zakat and Sadaqa.

This Ramadan you can relieve suffering in two special ways:

Emergency Relief in Syria helps refugees like two-year-old Khaled, an asthma patient at a clinic funded by Zakat Foundation of America (ZF), with medical care, food distribution and clothing. Since March 2011, ZF has provided close to $3 million in relief.

The One Year, 100 Wells Campaign is providing clean, local water to villagers throughout sub-Saharan Africa, who no longer depend on remote, polluted rivers for their drinking and washing water thanks to your donations. So far your donations have built 16 wells in eight countries; 10 more under construction.

A Time to Give

This Ramadan your Zakat can make a difference to a child, a family, or a whole village. You can also give Sadaqa for programs such as Eid gifts for children and Fitra.

Last year ZF helped Muslims around the world by:

.. Giving Fitra to more than 350,000 people in 40 countries
.. Providing warm meals for Iftar
.. Distributing food packages and shared Eid gifts

Please visit our website, zakat.org, to calculate your Zakat and to donate today. External Event Url