The way Islam and Muslims are portrayed in news and entertainment media affects how we and our family members are treated every day. Never before in our nation's history have anti-Muslim hate crimes been as high in number or in seriousness as in 2015. Dozens of mosques were burned, numerous Americans who were Muslim or "looked Muslim" were shot or beaten severely. During most of these attacks, attackers uttered or expressed the same anti-Muslim slurs repeated daily in media headlines and by commentators and politicians.

We want our children to become not only full participants in society but to follow their hopes and dreams and become leaders. It is up to us to create that society. We know we have to tell our stories far beyond the enlightened few, to millions and millions of radio, TV, and newspaper readers. Our message, through trained Muslim speakers, needs to reach every elected official, school, and workplace and the general public!

Let's take charge of the public narrative being given about us and train to use strategic words and phrases that change public opinion.

* Community members of all ages encouraged to attend.

The training will be led by Raiyan Syed, a strategic communications professional with over a decade of experience directing multi-million-dollar electoral campaigns, founding and directing nonprofts, and coordinating media coverage of crisis events in the Boston area. External Event Url
Yusuf Mosque Brighton
186 Chestnut Hill Ave, Brighton, MA, United States