***Dont miss this month's WEC Monthly Family Dinner Evening, Sat 23rd April 6pm-8.30pm, "Social Duties of a Muslim Towards our Neighbours", taught by our Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed (as part of the exciting new Social Duties of a Muslim Series)***

The Almighty says: "O mankind. We have created you from a male and female and made you nations and tribes so you could come to know one another. Verily, the most honorable of you with Allah are the most righteous." (49:13)

Social responsibility encompasses everyone by degrees. It starts with the Muslim and his personal sphere of life, extends to his family, then to the society he lives in, and finally to all the diverse societies that exist on Earth. This is a very important topic particularly in the current climate.

This month's topic in the Series is: "Social Duties of a Muslim - Towards our Neighbours"

Our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) at one stage thought the angel Gabriel would bestow inheritance rights on neighbours; such was his insistence on their kind and fair treatment! Come and learn more from the inspiring company of our Shaykh AbdulAziz Ahmed.

**Complementary (hot) family meal provided**

Schedule inshaAllah (Sat, 23 April 2016)

6pm Doors open
6.30pm Asar Jamat
6.45pm Talk by Shaykh AbdulAziz (Social Duties of a Muslim: Towards Neighbours)
7.45pm Complementary hot dinner (donations welcome)
8.30pm close and Maghrib Salat

Event is free but registration is required to assist with catering. Please email: admin@woodfarmeducationcentre.org.uk or text: 07759-099444 External Event Url
Woodfarm Education Centre
1 Burns Grove, Giffnock, Glasgow, , United Kingdom