June's Open house will shift in time to 7pm to conclude with the Ramadan daily iftar (fast breaking meal). 10 Forward is a 10 month program (February through November annually) and part of our community outreach initiative. I believe we are all in this together and we all have to make a contribution. We invite the community to help by getting to know us better and to realize we in every way intend to add positively to the fabric of the Toledo community and society at large. Let's build trust and unity and find out more about Islam.This Sunday will also be signifcant due to it being within the last 10 nights during the month of Ramadan and perhaps the "Night of Honor/Power/Majesty/Destiny" We look for this blessing during this time. The theme for June/Ramadan Open House: "Correct Knowledge Is Power". The program will conclude with the fastbreaking meal. The Toledo Muslim and Community at large are invited. External Event Url
Toledo Masjid Al-Islam
722 E Bancroft St, Toledo, OH, United States