Serving Morgan Hill, Gilroy, San Martin, Hollister, Coyote Valley, and South San Jose. The South Valley Islamic Center (SVIC) serves Muslim families residing in South Santa Clara County (California) who wish to learn and practice our faith, Islam. Our member demographics are varied, from singles to families and from students to the retired. Ethnically, culturally and linguistically we are equally diverse, with representatives from practically every major region in the world. Our commonalty is that we are Muslim Americans and this is our home. Our place for congregational prayers and community events is the Masjid or mosque. Our masjid is a House of God; as such it welcomes all children of Adam. SVIC is a non-profit religious organization dedicated to helping and encouraging Muslims and non-Muslims acquire the basic knowledge of Islam through a free exchange of ideas in an environment of civility and mutual respect that would lead to a greater understanding and peace in our society. SVIC is a California corporation registered under the IRS Code 501 (C) (3).