The San Francisco Muslim Community Center (SFMCC) over the years has been housed primarily in the Fillmore (now Western Addition) district of San Francisco beginning on Divisadero Street in the 50's then moving from there to Post & Fillmore, then to Geary & Fillmore and then back to Divisadero until our most recent move to 4760 Mission street, in the Excelsior District of San Francisco. Previously located at 850 Divisadero Street in a one-room storefront in the Western Addition neighborhood, this mosque is led by Imam Abdul Qadir Al-Amin. We have consistently offered Islamic services at our previous location for the past 32 years. We have performed over 150 weddings, countless persons have taken shahadah and attended classes in Islamic studies, including basic teachings and beliefs, Arabic of the Qur'an, Seerah of our Prophet Mohammed. We also have offered scholarships to those seeking higher education, some of whom attended, Fisk University, San Francisco State, San Diego State, trade unions, and some studied abroad in Sudan, Egypt, Syria. The Adhan will be called at 12:10pm and Khutbah will begin at 12:15pm (30mins).