Teacher: Shaykh Hamza Wald Maqbul
Feb 11 and 12 (2 full day seminar)
Cost: $15 per person for complete course with printed course material or included in IGI Essentials tuition (will increase at the door).

Understanding the Four Madhabs: We will explore in depth the origin, development, and differences of the schools of thought. By the conclusion of this seminar, questions on the relevance of Madhabs in the modern world will be answered.

Topics covered also include: Terminology relating to the study of fiqh. Do we need a Madhab when we have Qur’an & Sunnah? Should one follow a Madhab or not? Can one pick and choose between the schools? Who are the founders of the schools of fiqh?

Venue: Drexel University Papadakis Building 33rd and Arch Street // Saturday & Sunday: Feb 11 & 12

Register at www.imamghazaliinstitute.org/philadelphia

Student Testimonials:

“I really appreciated how accessible Shaykh Hamza made the information. I was scared that it would all be so far over my head, but even with the little base I have I was able to follow along in his teaching. I also loved the way he taught, integrating his own life experiences that we could all (well you all at least) relate with. He took each topic and made it light and comprehensible also really appreciate that the class ran on time and it never seemed like we were sitting too long with the scheduled breaks.” – Kelsey

“Shaykh Hamza explained the material we covered in great detail. I appreciated that he prioritized the sisters during Q&A. I love how diverse the class is, from young kids to the older generation, non-Muslims and Muslims too. Appreciated that the class started and ended on time.” – Lanee

“My favorite aspects of the class were the easy-to-grasp explanations by including references to popular terminologies and ideas held to be true by the majority of society. I also loved his no nonsense demeanor which made the facts laid out in the text even more inarguable. Overall it was a very basic class that drove home the points without leaving any room for questions regarding the 130 points in the text of Imam Tahawi.” – Noor

Teacher Bio:

After graduation Shaykh Hamzah went on to pursue traditional Islamic studies, which took him to a number of countries, including Syria and Egypt where he studied the Arabic language, Morocco, Mauritania, and UAE, where he studied the madhab of Imam Malik, grammar, usul al-hadith, and the two renditions of the qira’ah of Imam Nafi’, Warsh and Qalun, and finally Pakistan where he had the opportunity to study tafsir, usul al-hadith, hadith, ‘ilm al-rijal and Hanafi fiqh. All of these studies culminated in him receiving an ijazat al-tadris, literally meaning “a license to teach” as well as an unbroken chain of transmission by which to narrate the hadith of such books as the Muwatta of Imam Malik, the Sihah al-Sittah (Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi, Nasa’i and Ibn Majah), and the Sharh Ma’ani al-Athar of Imam al-Tahawi. External Event Url
Papadakis Integrated Science Building
33rd and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, PA, United States