The Noor Islamic Culture Center (NICC) is a multi-purpose project under construction. NICC is owned and operated by American Islamic Waqf (AIW), a not-for profit organization as defined by section 501 (C) (3) of the IRS code and is incorporated in the State of Ohio. The NICC facility houses multiple functional services areas, such as, a Mosque (Masjid Al-Noor), an information center, a library, club areas for boys and girls, several conference rooms, nursery, classrooms and a large multi-purpose room with commercial kitchen. NICC is now in its final phase of construction; it will be finished and opened to the public soon. It's a spectacular 28 thousand square foot facility that is flexible and functional and beautiful. The Noor Islamic Cultural Center aims to encourage and activate the community it serves by providing a range of dedicated services at four broad levels: Educational and Cultural, Social, Religious, as well as specialized services to Muslim Youth, Women, New Converts and the local Non-Muslim community. Thus allowing individuals and families to participate and have easy access to these services through a Center that caters to their special needs.