Jessica ElGamil, an Investigator with the Division of Civil Rights in the Office of the Attorney General will join us on Friday April 28, 2017 at 7PM to deliver a "Know Your Rights" presentation.

The Division is charged with protecting the civil rights of those who reside in the state of New Jersey and must enforce the Law Against Discrimination. This presentation will focus on religious discrimination in areas such as housing, employment, and public accommodation.

Topics will include:
- bias incidents vs bias crimes
- how to contact the Division
- how to file a claim
- what resources are available

Division on Civil Rights
The Division on Civil Rights (DCR) is a part of the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General / Department of Law and Public Safety and is the agency responsible for investigating discrimination complaints and eradicating illegal discrimination in New Jersey. DCR is comprised of investigators, attorneys, and professional support staff. We serve as a fair and impartial forum for addressing claims that the Law Against Discrimination (LAD) or the Family Leave Act has been violated. Our main focus is to investigate claims of discrimination in employment, housing, and places of public accommodation (e.g., schools, stores, parks). We participate in free seminars and other outreach activities designed to educate the public on anti-discrimination laws. External Event Url
NIA Masjid & Community Center
229-231 Roseville Ave, Newark, NJ, United States