The Oaktree Institute presents "Destined to Lead: How to Succeed as an Individual."

Attendees will learn to equip themselves with the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed. They will identify potential obstacles as they embark on a new stage of their lives as well as learn to overcome them and maintain a balanced lifestyle. In addition, they will gain clarity on their college majors and learn to have laser focused goals that will make them exceptional students. Students will also learn different strategies of leading and influencing others on campus.


About Oaktree Institute:

We are a team of subject matter experts with one focus: nurturing leadership in a comprehensive, and systematic way. At Oaktree Institute, we aim to develop value-driven, action-focused and results-oriented leaders


Mohammed Almathil was engaged with his local community in Brooklyn from an early age as the Youth Director. Since 2003, he has held multiple leadership positions at various organizations including the Executive Director of MCC (2008-2010), and the Executive Director of the MAS Youth Center (2011-2014).

Almathil's track record in organizational development and in creating a momentum of effective youth work is driven by his passion for both Leadership and Youth Development. He is well rounded in both for profit and nonprofit management and has acquired a BA degree in Psychology. Moreover, he has completed multiple Leadership courses throughout the years. Almathil has conducted local and national trainings and workshops, which include: Human Resource (HR) Development, Human Resource (HR) Management, Designing Organizational Structure, Effective Team Building, Youth Director’s Development, Time Management, Events Management, Public Speaking along with many other workshops. He is also a frequent lecturer at local and National Conferences on topics such as: Sympathy, Emotional Intelligence, Youth Development, Leadership Styles, Science of Change, as well as many more topics within the realm of leadership and youth development.

Almathil currently serves as the Leadership Trainer and Executive Director for Oaktree Institute. He's also the founder and CEO of MAC consulting in which he provides Human Resources consulting and coaching to business owners. In addition he volunteers as an advisory board member in local organizations. External Event Url
NIA Masjid & Community Center
229-231 Roseville Ave, Newark, NJ, United States