The NIA Masjid & Community Center and Al-Huda University presents a must-attend seminar on "Contemporary Medical Issues."

Our guest speaker, Dr. Main Al-Qudah will deliver the khutbah on Friday January 22nd at 1PM.

***** Program Schedule / Inclement Weather Update *****

Due to the impending storm, the Contemporary Medical Issues seminar, originally scheduled for Saturday January 23 has been brought forward to tomorrow Friday January 22 at 5:30PM.

As many will be coming directly from work, the NIA Masjid & Community Center will provide dinner for all attendees.

Encouraged to attend are: medical doctors, human rights’ activists, attorneys, marriage counselors, Imams, students of knowledge, etc.

Topics Discussed During Seminar:
- Human cloning
- Artificial insemination and test-tube babies
- Transplanting and selling organs; using embryo’s organs, sex glands, reproductive system
- Blood transfusion
- Definition of death & status of turning off life support machines
- Restrictions on AIDS patients
- Genetic diagnosis
- Alcoholic medicines
- Sex change operations
- Dissection of dead bodies
- Birth control
- Abortion
- Plastic surgery



Dr. Main Al-Qudah holds a Ph.D in Sharia and is an experienced lecturer in Islamic Studies. Throughout his career, he has taught students from all education levels, ranging from younger students to those at the Master’s level at University. He is also a Professor of Sharia and Islamic Finance with a 15-year record of analyzing contracts and disputes to ascertain Sharia compliance. He also served as an Imam of several Islamic centers throughout the United States and abroad. He is a speaker at regional and national conferences. External Event Url
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