Friendships, communities, societies...the beginning of their advancement or destruction is always by the tongue: words that we use. At one another, towards one another, against one another versus one another, with another, to another.

And that's what the fiqh of speech, or the obligations and prohibitions of the tongue are all about.

Attend these talks to find out more about the power and dangers of speech.

Sh. Salek Bin Siddina
Dec 6th Tuesday 7:45pm
Dec 7th Wednesday 7:45pm

Sh Rami Nsour
Dec 9 Friday 7:45pm
Dec 10th Saturday 12pm -5pm - REGISTRATION REQUIRED.
(Just for Saturday)

See you there inshaAllah! External Event Url
New Brunswick Islamic Center
1330 Livingston Ave, North Brunswick, NJ, United States