Welcome to our annual HijabFest celebration of Muslim women and hijab, featuring inspirational talks, modest fashion, entertainment and shopping.

Our theme for 2017: Why do we wear hijab? Not for the politics, not for the onlookers. The answer is simple: for love. The love of our Lord, of our Prophet ﷺ, of our Qur'an, of our deen. That love is what unifies us in our choice to wear and practice hijab.

5th Annual HijabFest
September 17, 2017 11am-5pm
Hyatt Regency, New Brunswick

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2017 SPEAKERS -----------------------------------------------
To read more about each speaker, visit http://www.hijabfest.org/the-main-event/.

- Melanie Elturk (our MCEE)
Melanie Elturk is the CEO of Haute Hijab, one of the largest U.S. brands for modest fashion. She aims to empower hijab-wearing women worldwide.

- Rowaida Abdelaziz
Rowaida Abdelaziz is a Social Media Editor at HuffPost, where she focuses on reporting and distributing world news.

- Ieasha Prime
Ieasha Prime is a traditional Islamically trained educator, activist, and public speaker.
Visit: http://www.hijabfest.org/the-main-event/.

- Mariam Sobh
Mariam Sobh is an anchor and reporter with CBS radio. For over a decade she has been covering news in Chicago.

PLATINUM SPONSORS -----------------------------------------

NBIC (our HOST) - nbic.org
Safina Society - safinasociety.org
Smile - smileforcharity.org
J&J’s AMENAH - jnj.com
Crescent - crescentfoods.com
Islamic Relief USA - irusa.org
Muhsen - muhsen.org
Sol Spec - www.simon.com/mall/rockaway-townsquare/stores/sol-specs

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Cornerstone - cornercounseling.com
Princeton Adult Daycare
Visit here to become a sponsor: http://www.hijabfest.org/applications/ (closing soon!)
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PLATINUM VENDORS ------------------------------------------
*will be in the fashion show
Simply Hijabi* www.facebook.com/simplyhijabi
Aneeqah Designs* Www.aneeqahdesigns.com
Veiled Collection* veiledcollection.com
Delicate Hijabi* www.Delicate-Hijabi.com
AaBideen* www.aabideen.com
Urban Modesty www.urbanmodesty.com/
Almoda Fashions* www.almodafashion.com
Styled by Zubaidah* www.styledbyzubaidah.com
Habibi Parfums www.forhabibi.com
Bulbul http://bulbul.storenvy.com/
Hamilton www.hamiltonwellness.org

GOLD VENDORS ------------------------------------------------
Izdihar Boutique https://m.facebook.com/izdiharboutique
Little Black Abaya littleblackabaya.com
Covered Styles www.coveredstyles.com
House of Sparkle NJ, LLC Www.houseofsparklenj.etsy.com
Desserts For Days https://www.facebook.com/DessertsForDaysNewJersey/
Al Shams Exceptional Islamic Apparel www.shamswear.com
The Hijab Souq www.thehijabsouq.com
Headed Somewear Http://www.thathijabi.com
Covered in Confidence www.coveredinconfidence.com
Muslimat Al Nisaa Shelter www.mnisaa.org
Hijabi Fits www.Hijabifits.com
Chaishaiusa https://www.facebook.com/Chaishaiusa-352582205167094/?ref=br_rs
Bent Al Sultan Fashion bentalsultan.com
Safi Designs https://www.facebook.com/Safi-Designs-692802974189772/
Clora de Luce www.cloradeluce.com
Whymzical Wijabz Www.whymzicalwijabz.com
Darzah http://Darzah.org
-More Vendors pending! External Event Url