Ramadan brings long days of fasting, nights of prayer, time with friends and family, and lots of time for reflection. Think back to how you ended your Ramadan last year. Was it with a fierce energy and renewed lease on life? Maybe you wish you had done more? However you ended it and spent the last year, now is the time to renew your journey as a Muslim. Whether this is your first Ramadan, or your 50th, come visit us at MakeSpace for an energizing and renewing experience.

We will provide iftar every night, followed by taraweeh prayer, led by Imam Zia. Each night will also have a designated presenter who will speak for about 5-10 minutes about a relevant topic. Bring your friends and family, or just bring yourself for the opportunity to meet fellow Muslims observing Ramadan.

Taraweeh will be held each night at Dunya Banquet hall, EXCEPT the nights of June 11th and July 2nd. On these nights, Taraweeh will be held at Nova Annandale Campus. We apologize but unfortunately iftar will not be served on those three nights.

In addition to taraweeh prayers, join us throughout the month for qiyam prayers lasting through the night, special iftars dedicated to unique audiences and causes, Fajr Club, and a few reflection sessions on weekend afternoons throughout the month. Please keep an eye out for more information about these events in the days to come.

Interested in sponsoring a night of Taraweeh for $1,700? We encourage individuals, businesses, families, and group of friends to sign up to sponsor. Your gift helps us provide the best Ramadan experience to our community while giving you the reward of providing food and prayer space for your fellow brothers and sisters. In addition, each sponsor may host their friends and family for iftar on the designated sponsored night. For availability, please email info@imakespace.com.

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS. Are you interested in volunteering for 1, 2, (every?!) night of Ramadan? We are a 100% volunteer run organization and will need extra help during Ramadan to serve food, clean up and serve our community in other ways. If you are available, please email info@imakespace.com.

We're going green! MakeSpace will not be handing out plastic water bottles this year - but don't worry, we still have plenty of water to go around! Bring your own reusable water bottle with you to taraweeh and you can easily fill it up at one of our water coolers.

Lastly, remember this is MakeSpace and we strive to provide and open and inclusive environment. Be friendly, talk to new people, hold doors for each other and smile often. Remember that each person is at a different season in their life and has a different connection with God. Be kind. Be only kind, to others, and to yourself. External Event Url
Dunya Banquet Hall
5951 Stevenson Ave, Alexandria, VA, United States