MakeSpace is excited to host family night with Noor Kids on Friday, July 29th! We will be offering two programs - one for the kids to enjoy and one for their parents:

"My Story: From Chewing Gum to Children's Books" (Young Children, 3 to 8)
Put on your seat belt, Amin is taking children for a ride. Through imaginative and engaging storytelling, Amin will take children back in time to 1995, when he was just seven years old. He shares how a mistake he made turned into the greatest lesson of his life: a love for reading.

After telling this story, Amin will introduce the children's book series that he writes, Noor Kids, and will one of his favorite stories from the book, "The Power of Prayers," which will be projected onto a screen. In this story, Amin will share the difference between the Creator and the created. In doing so, he will share how, while he is the author of Noor Kids, Allah (SWT) is the author of the universe.

This program runs between 30 - 45 minutes and is suitable for children 3+.

"I Worry About My Muslim Child" (Parents)
In the challenging environment for Muslims in America, how are our children going to grow up with a sense of confidence and pride? Amin walks through his own personal story of the challenges he experienced, integrating the research that his team has conducted at Harvard, Berkeley, and San Francisco State University surrounding best-practices to help children build self-confidence and self-esteem.

As background, Noor Kids conducted research on the African-American, Latino, and Jewish communities, as each of these groups have faced discrimination in America prior to Muslims. Using this, the team identified five critical best practices associated with building confidence in the identity in young Muslims.

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