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This is a 30-hour (spanning 12 weeks) class presented by MakeSpace. Registration fee is $135 which can be completed online. All proceeds go to MakeSpace. Please email info@imakespace.com for any questions or concerns!

Objective: This class focuses on the explanation of the top 400 words of the Quran. Due to their frequency, these 400 words (a mix of Lemmas and Verbs) constitute approximately 71% of the entire Quran! By the end of this class, students will be able to understand up to 71% of the words as they recite or listen to the Quran. Coupled with general knowledge of the basics, this course will enable the students to build a personal connection with the Quran by understanding most of it as it’s recited.

Instructor: Imam Zia

Prerequisites: Ability to read the Quran from the book at higher elementary level or above

Age Group: 12 +

Duration: 30 hours of classroom instruction - 2.5 hours/each class over 12 weeks (Oct-Dec 2016)

Summarized Topics:


2. Top 400 words explained with context and examples External Event Url
, Alexandria, VA, United States