**UPDATE: We will work around major holidays**

**UPDATE: Contact us if the registration fee is an issue. Partial or full fee waiver will be granted **

This is a 30-hour (spanning 12 weeks) class presented by MakeSpace. Registration fee is $135 which can be completed online. All proceeds go to MakeSpace. Please email info@imakespace.com for any questions or concerns!

Objective: By end of this class students will be able to recite the Quran at an elementary level or higher and will be equipped with sufficient knowledge to improve their reading proficiency and pace.

Instructor: Imam Zia

Prerequisites: None

Age Group: 12 +

Duration: 30 hours of classroom instruction - 2.5 hours/each class over 12 weeks (Oct-Dec 2016)

Summarized Topics:

Letters of the alphabet I




Letters of the alphabet II




Short Vowels

Sukoon & Shaddah

Long Vowels

Miscellaneous Rules (silent letters, etc)

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