Congrats! You've been accepted to your college of choice. You're set, right? Wrong...this is just the beginning - life after high school requires life-impacting decisions that will determine your career opportunities and your financial fate for the rest of your life.

What college or university should I attend? Is an Associates degree or Vocational program right for me? How should I prepare now for graduate or professional school? What major will guarantee I get a high-paying job at graduation? How will I pay for my college education without ending up broke? What type of job makes sense for me?

MakeStrides is proud to present our second annual College2Career Workshop!

Held in conjunction with local Muslim Youth groups it will be the area's largest College/Career events to date, aimed at helping high school students navigate tough decisions in college to maximize their opportunities upon graduation. Parents are encouraged to attend with their students.

Keynote: Balancing Religious and Educational obligations
Breakout Discussions organized by industry: Engineering, Healthcare, IT, Business, Law/Public-Policy, Non-Profit led by distinguished professionals
Group team-building activity
Speaker list coming soon! Register below to save your spot..
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New McLean Islamic Center 8800 Jarret Valley Drive Vienna, VA
Valley Dr SE, Vienna, VA 22180, USA