Anas reported that Muhammad (saw) said: "Eat Suhoor, for there are blessings in it." [al-Bukhari and Muslim]

Join your sisters and brothers for the last Community Suhoor of this Ramadan on Saturday! This is a great opportunity to experience the spiritual tranquility of Ramadan, discover local masjids and communities, build fraternity and camaraderie and learn more about the deen – all while having a great fun!

Virtues of Suhoor •Following the Sunnah
•Differing from the people of the book who would eat more when breaking their fast.
•Gaining strength, energy, and zeal to fast, especially for youngsters.
•Giving charity to those who ask for food at pre-dawn.
•Remembrance, supplication, and a means of seeking mercy at a time when prayers are answered.
•Showing better character. For it is likely that if one neglects the pre-dawn meal one may show bad character simply out of hunger
•Renewing one’s intention, thereby avoiding differences of opinion among the scholars who say that one must renew the intention after having risen from sleep.

Bob and Edith's
The time will be at 2:00am to 4am

Address: 6362 Springfield Plaza Springfield, VA 22150

We will pray fajr afterwards at Dar al Hijrah!

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Bob & Edith's Diner 6362 Springfield Plaza Springfield, VA 22150
6362 Springfield Plaza, Springfield, VA 22150, USA